Need of College Managment Software

Before introducing Rexo College ERP Software / Campus ERP Software for your smart campus, let's first understand the need of college management and resource planning system in the education industry. Academic and Administrative processes that are crucial for any educational institutions, needs a complete, end-to-end solution such that it can efficiently and effectively create a great academic experience in today’s world. Student information system, course management, time table management, transport and boarding management to academic staff management, fee and salary management, procurement management are key functions and need a proper process driven timely approach for academics to be successful to deliver quality education experience. The numbers of colleges are increasing rapidly and in order to enroll the drastically increased students and manage their records is a tedious work and require lot of manpower and time if done manually. Current System of college working with traditional approach has problems of interlinking and data repetition. Colleges have to structure their academic activities as well as manage their campus management and administration process. It’s important that Colleges should not get tangled in administrative work for long time rather they should focus on planning their academic activities.

Every year thousands of students apply for taking admission in various colleges. Imagine the number of inquiry forms and admission forms that colleges have to manage. Every form contains critical information about the students and should be kept safe and in order. Therefore admission management becomes the most labor intensive and time consuming activity. Fee Management process is repetitive and should be error free. Collecting fee in terms and managing all records of scholarship, reconciliation, fee heads, demands in an efficient way is a difficult task when numbers of students are high in a college. Further, managing enquiry forms and application forms is another hectic task. Automating the process would save a large amount of time and effort which can rather be utilized for academic activities.

Rexo College Management System

Our Product Solutions

Rexo College ERP Software is a web-based application that empowers an institute to use a group of consolidated interrelated modules to deal with the occupation just as the institute's administration viably. The Enterprise resource planning system is turning into an incredibly fundamental part of the education and learning system in this current age. It assembles all the useful data expected to the managers in a couple of snaps. In the Rexo College Management System, different partners of the education space are interconnected on a solitary stage. It has unified put-away data with zero excess and offers total mechanisation of all activities identified with the institute.

  • Data can be imported from existing inheritance systems
  • Incorporation with Smart cards, Biometric perusers, RFID innovation
  • Virtual Campus portal notifications and alerts to students' parents
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Profoundly adaptable and versatile
  • Profoundly secure and dependable web-based application
  • Complete computerization of tasks
  • Sending out of reports to MS-word, MS-excel, PDF archives
college management system

Salient features / Capabilities

Rexo CAMPUS Features

Advising and Registration

Advising and Registration module in our ERP Software serves to easily direct enrollment process for new students keeping all records of their fundamental profile information and reports on the web. It contains inbuilt capacities to get ready affirmation tests, makes confirmation rules, and direct composed tests and cycle understudy guiding viably.

Examination System

Deal with all functionalists and conduct tests viably with a completely functional Examination module. An administrator can create hall tickets, conduct test participation, structure seating arrangements, perform a paper assessment, and produce results and mark sheets.

HR Staff Management

Manage the school's HRM exercises, including enlisting specialised/non-specialized staff, managing staff assignments, individual details, expert details, creating ID cards, staff execution investigation, and evaluations.

Student Attendance

Student attendance management empowers a simple following of attendance information of students. The attendance management cycle of this attendance programming can be incorporated with biometric and access card systems. Create quick attendance reports with a class-wise examination, month-to-month investigation, and yearly investigation. There is also an arrangement for Teachers to participate in an Android-based phone or tablet.

Staff Attendance

The staff attendance module keeps a fast and exact recording of staff attendance and naturally calculates the all-out leaves, forthcoming leaves, working days. A module can be consolidated with biometric and access card systems too. Different kinds of leaves/absences/late comings can be set apart for employees. By utilising this module, school management can undoubtedly record each employee's consistency and punctuality, including late arrival and early going, and decide salary payable proficiently.

Batch Manager

A successful and amazing module for academic elements of College ERP to manage class, segments, subjects, appoint class teacher, distribute type to teacher and subjects to teachers. This module is depicted to manage the records for courses, classes, and group educational projects.

Fee Collection

Gather the instalment of the fees from students with a computerised system for creating fee heads, class-wise fee groups, Fee terms. Manage Late Fee Penalties, Fees in Installations, Fees in Cash, Cheque, By Credit Card, NEFT, and Outstanding Fees.

Payroll Management

The payroll module is associated with the HR module. It produces and pays salaries indicated by the assignments and payable design to the specialised and non-specialized staff of the college. The system can be synchronised to biometric gadgets. Manage functionalists of Professional Tax, ESI, PF, Income Tax, TDS, and Settlements effectively with the payroll module.

Finance and Accounts

Manage all college finance and record-related elements with the Accounts module in our ERP. Admin can manage general and sub-record, payable, receivables; perform budget analysis, resource management, payroll integration, daybook, trial balance calculations, produce accounting reports and perform reviews.

Logistic Management

Coordinated with a GPS, our logistics management system assists organisations with successfully arranging courses, managing vehicle details, and planning vehicles. Track vehicles with ongoing Google MAP Integration element and lock information for a speed violation, fuel use, and administration reports.

Inventory Management

Inventory management module in College management system assists College with effectively dealing with all inventories needed for the institution on time. Admin can add sellers and material details and create buy demands, orders, products, and receipts.

Placement Management

The college assumes a significant part in the placement of the candidate in presumed organisations all over the country and around the world. The placement module keeps up with records of all placement organisations and placed students and assists with producing a successful arrangement to place unplaced students. A portion of the significant elements of the placement module is making placement plans, managing organisations, making organisation-wise eligibility criteria, allocating students, drafting an email and SMS cautions for grounds drive timings, and overseeing placement records.