Streamline HR and Payroll System with Rexo ERP Software

A right-fit HRMS software might assist with reforming a work environment. An HRMS (Human Resource Management System) combines systems and cycles that associate human resource management and information innovation through HR software. The computerisation of dreary and time-consuming tasks related to the human resources management system is managed with the utilisation of HRMS software which opens up a portion of the organisation's most important employees and permits the focus to move to culture, maintenance, and other high impact regions.

The capabilities of the human resources department include the following representative employee, abilities, capacities, compensations, and achievements. Supplanting specific cycles with different degrees of HRMS systems can disseminate information management obligations, so the bulk of information gathering isn't appointed stringently to HR. It helps the HR Department to cut the strain of mistakes with the mechanised interaction separated from keeping a tremendous information base of the employees faultlessly, which couldn't have been imaginable with human endeavours.

Techlene's Rexo HR and Payroll Management Software Suite

Rexo HRMS Software has all HR and Payroll Management System abilities required in organisations of different sizes. Our HR ERP software solutions intend to oblige the requirements of the employees just as its HR and payroll organisation. It's a finished labour force management framework covering all fundamental assignments, including keeping an employee data set, staff data, and expert experience and pay networks. It contains the total record of each staff part exhaustively. HR software is based on a coordinated data set of workforce data, and the software produces measurements for staffing designations, pay expenses, and turnover.

HRMS Software

Techlene HRMS Software is one of our more fruitful and popular items, utilised by Indian/Multinational Business Houses, Manufacturing Industries, Trading Companies, and Software organisations. It deals with all HR and Payroll handling exercises of your organisation.

HRIS Software

Techlene HRIS Software - Human Resource Information System is essentially a crossing point of human resources and information innovation through a devoted HR software solution. A total solution for the information section, information following, and information needs of bookkeeping capacities inside a business.

Payroll Software

Techlene Payroll Management software deals with your organisation’s end-to-end Payroll, which incorporates handling of representatives' compensations, producing all legal and compliance reports, and managing the move of pay to financial balances of workers.

Rexo ERP assures Highly Secured System

Security is of great concern with regards to picking an HR management framework. The data put away in an HRMS is exceptionally delicate, including complete organisation information and volumes of individual data about workers. Our solution uses a technique for secure transmission, for example, SSL, which scrambles the data as it sends over the web.

Internal security is likewise basic; information ought to be watched by passwords that have differing levels of access comparable to what is required for the work position. Our system empowers jobs-based admittance to segments of HRMS solutions, so the staff with his job and assignment ought to gain admittance to the work in the system, and information respectability is kept up with.

  • Secure, Centralized Employee Data
  • Increases Productivity
  • SaaS Solution
  • Highly Secured
  • Highly Scalable
  • Data Security
  • Better Decision-making
  • Measurable ROI
  • Increases Business Management Efficiency
  • Quik and Easy Integration
  • Application Security
  • Increase Productivity
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