The Need For ERP Software In Manufacturing Industries

Before introducing the Rexo Manufacturing ERP Software System, let's first see the need for an enterprise resource planning system in the process manufacturing and production industry. SME and process manufacturing industries are considered as the backbone of the economic development of any country from the Americas to Africa or the Middle East to even Pacific Asia. Countries that can speedy transform their resources or raw materials into a wide variety of processed/ finished goods of higher value are sustainable in the new world economy. In today's world, produce more in less, showcase a diversified product range and be adaptive to new business models, adherence to compliance are key business challenges faced by these production companies in order to be effective in cost, time, pricing and quality.

With the advancement of information technologies and electronic resource processing systems providing robust and flexible enterprise solutions, process manufacturing and related industries should be able to meet their industry-specific challenges in an efficient and productive manner that they can continue to serve their customer’s demand in reasonably.

Being a manufacturer/ producer it's important to be a consistent player meet market demands keeping processes, information flow, and delivery in a timely, quality and profitable manner to be competitive in such global markets. Planning, Production, and Inventory play a vital role in the growth of any small businesses company, and to keep it on track, it requires a strong resource processing system or electronic resource processing (ERP) system that can ensure to keep all its functions/ departments working smoothly and cohesively. Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software helps meeting fluctuating demands of customers and also managing a reduced product life cycle.

Manufacturing companies may use multiple application software like one for an account, one for inventory management, one for payroll processing and these all may be with different technology solutions kind of a heterogeneous ecosystem. Challenges and risk associated in such scenarios are high and may impact the overall objectives of the organization. Another challenge could be converting a manufacturing organization into small units working in silos leaving a communication gap that may affect business objectives at large.

End-to-end solution for Your Business Checkpoints

For manufacturing companies of all types, an electronic resource processing system (ERP Manufacturing Software) may provide an end-to-end solution to such that you get your business checkpoints anytime-anywhere, keep track on status-quo and get analytical notes in minimum efforts. From a data entry resource to key managers or accounts head to the CEO of your organization, role-based access, and business intelligence reports help you run your business efficiently and effectively. Your organization departments are out of any silos and work cohesively and collaboratively when they are well connected and well communicated.

manufacturing erp software

Improve Business Operations & Profitability

Rexo Manufacturing ERP from Techlene, having capabilities to address all manufacturing business problems in a smart way. Rexo ERP is scalable flexible and feature-rich solution to help you manage your manufacturing business for an end-to-end process delivery. Our system maintains your data, logistics, the procurement of products at desired levels, and fulfillment of orders on time.

Rexo ERP for manufacturing company keeps all necessary records of production, distribution, sales, marketing, and services and offers a customized business solution for a comprehensive range of industries vertical markets. We develop the best manufacturing ERP Software in India for small businesses that not only run your business effectively but keeps your total cost of ownership at lower levels.


Salient features / Capabilities

Rexo ERP Features

Production Management

Rexo Manufacturing ERP Software allows you to complete visual access into your plant jobs schedules and production plans. There is a provision to analyze current and future lead of production work stations, plan, execute and track jobs. Create data logs and records of production, batch planning scheduling and enforces quality inspections.

Purchase Management

Create and maintain purchase orders (POs) including blanket POs and one-time “spot buys". Purchase admin can create and maintain a master list of suppliers. ERP is integrated with inventory and lot tracking, problem control, supplies, rejection, and general shipping. Receive process inventory with integrated quality inspections. You can source the correct materials and services – quickly and cost-effectively.

Streamline Sales and Marketing

Define, estimate, review, print and submit quotes to customer. Track leads to sales closure and improve the opportunity win ratio. Monitor performance and review the strategies made by your sales team. Follow up leads generated during events till closure. Perform cost-benefit analysis on the recorded leads. Track and monitor your sales team daily activity plan, end-to-end.

HR and Payroll Management

Set up documents and manage employee’s reviews. Meet your unique payroll requirements. Track time and attendance of employees. Maintain a travel log with related employee expenses and activities. Delivers the right information at the exact time so that you can make better decisions faster.

Finance Analytics

Integrated accounts receivables and payable, assets, and other sub-ledgers. Generate balanced and reconcilable financial statements. Reduce the cost and complexity of parallel accounting and multiple sets of books. Monitor your bottom line, increase profits and maintain financial stability in the most efficient way. Get any time anywhere access to systems and information. Report, analyze and allocate cash in real time.

Inventory Management

Items Management, Items Query, Price List, Receipt to Stock, Release from Stock, Stock Transactions, Warehouse Transfer, Serial Number Create and Use, Batches Management, Pick and Pack

Manufacturing ERP Benefits

Increases Productivity

streamlined business processes will allow your employees to accomplish more in less time.

Lowers Labor Costs

automating certain applications will reduce the number of people required to support your business.

Analyze Financial Performance

More accurate financial reporting will give you a more accurate picture of your short & long-term balance sheet

Inventory Turnover Control

Watching out for inventory will speed inventory turns and reduce the amount you must spend on slow-moving products.

Pricing Analysis

Real-time financial reporting will give you a clearer picture of your overall costs and help you improve margins on your products or services.

Increase Customer Revenue

By using CRM to recognize customer needs, you can increase revenue per customer, or reduce customer turnover rates.

Better Maintenance and Support

Less money should be spent on maintaining out-of-date legacy systems and improving your support system bottom line.

Process Improvements

You will be able to eliminate certain costs through automation. For instance, electronic billing can reduce paper invoices, mailing costs, etc.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate Sales Forecasts for building sales plan and to avoid unforeseen cash flow problems. Predict short-term and long-term business performance.