Need of ERP Software for Trading Company and Industries

Before presenting Rexo Trading ERP Software for trading companies and industries, how about we first see the requirement for a resource planning system in the business. Today, trading industries are confronting enormous contests. To contend, they need to change with new industry patterns and strategies and continue conveying greatness in products. Customer prerequisites should be served on time and make his confidence in your products. As the system develops and the organisation expands, it's equally significant for the sales team to make productive sales techniques. They need to accomplish their achievements and remain on the development path.

Your item production, packaging, and delivery should be on schedule to make your sales, management, and customer glad. Trading industries have numerous warehouses in various geographic locales. They should create and have total permeability to management from the system. Understand purchasing behaviours and estimating needs to situate your product productively.

Rexo Trading ERP Software

Our Product Solutions

Techlene offers tweaked online Industrial ERP Software for Trading companies. We give tailor-made solutions which can be effectively carried out in any process, the production industry. Our Trading ERP Software for business has a chain of interconnected modules. It generally covers functional and business application verticals of industries. For instance, it covers production, manufacturing, inventory control, sales, marketing, dispatch, distribution, and services. The far-reaching scope of modules, sub-modules, and reports assists clients with overseeing and controlling all activities effectively in a quick time. Ultimately, it builds the performance and development of the association. We have Trading ERP solutions for all industries, including the Process manufacturing industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Chemical, Medical, Plastics, Automotive Industry, Packaging, Logistics, Retail, and Trading Industries.

trading erp software

Powerful Solution to Empower Your Business with Growth

Rexo Trading ERP gives you a comprehensive platform with interconnected modules to combat this problem. It produces innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition. This helps you to remain competitive in your market and reduce costs to your customers. Being a trader, it is necessary for you to have the right combination of tools and techniques in the system. Starting from receiving orders, planning to ship and delivering goods to the customers. Rexo ERP for Trading Company understands the complexity involves in the whole business operation. It offers you an effective, reliable and secure solution. It empowers your trading business with growth and success.

Our software fits all size of trading businesses and offers an end-to-end solution to control, organize and trade effectively. It keeps on track your inventory. It enhances production with proper procurement and planning strategies within built-in ERP system. The system continues capturing record and data logs about products, packaging, shipping, and delivery. Furthermore, these reports generated are shared with the sales and management team in a few clicks.


Salient features / Capabilities

Rexo ERP Features

Finance Management

Upgrade and robotize your centre’s financial tasks. Support your most complicated financial prerequisites with exact accounting and reporting processes. Rexo ERP offers a full set-up of parts that can handle processes associated with General Accounting, Receivable Management, Payable Management, Fixed Assets Accounting, Management Accounting, and Financial Services other than giving highlights for managing country-explicit tax guidelines.

Production Management

A production management module deals with a constant MRP (Material Resource Planning). It investigates deals, gauges, arranged obtainment as per the Bill of Material (BOM), current stock, and planned production. MRP then, at that point, suggests and allows you effectively to execute production timetables and material buy orders.

Procurement Management

Rexo empowers you to design and execute your supply chain methodologies quicker and all the more beneficially. It guarantees to decrease the intricacy of warehousing and coordination management. Considering it, settle on quicker and better decisions to accomplish more requests and higher client care levels. It remembers For time Requisition, Contract Management, and Vendor Management. This module likewise offers admittance to endorsed providers, buy request management and buy requests to be drifted to numerous vendors at a click of a button.

Inventory Management

Rexo empowers you to perform Inventory Management most intricately. Along these lines, it gives you a simple characterization and examination of each inventory item. You can group items, item units and distinguish standard providers. Characterise planning type, portion, cost prices for deals and buys independently. You can likewise bunch the items for viable investigation. The application helps you in smoothly executing warehouse operations. It guarantees exercises like stock status change and stock exchanges. The making of opening adjusts, stock requests at BU, and deciding stocking points can likewise be accomplished.

Sales Management

Rexo oversees projections, citations, and commissions close to favourable circumstances and sales orders. Track sales openings; manage instalment design and commission-owed records produced consequently by client shipments and different sorts of movement: track consumer loyalty, sales gauges, and your opposition.

Marketing Management

Rexo Marketing Module will assist you with reinforcing your business with coordinated marketing, sales, and administration ways to deal with customer relations. It helps you form bits of knowledge that can expand leads, maintenance, and revenue. Fruitful ventures guarantee that each cooperation builds its solidarity as an organisation. It gives a full set-up of computerising the entire marketing process, from planning inbound and outbound missions. Store all customer orders and delivery data like a customer, request number, item numbers, due dates, and quantities.

Industrial ERP Software Benefits

Increases Productivity

streamlined business processes will allow your employees to accomplish more in less time.

Lowers Labor Costs

automating certain applications will reduce the number of people required to support your business.

Analyze Financial Performance

More accurate financial reporting will give you a more accurate picture of your short & long-term balance sheet

Inventory Turnover Control

Watching out for inventory will speed inventory turns and reduce the amount you must spend on slow-moving products.

Pricing Analysis

Real-time financial reporting will give you a clearer picture of your overall costs and help you improve margins on your products or services.

Increase Customer Revenue

By using CRM to recognize customer needs, you can increase revenue per customer, or reduce customer turnover rates.

Better Maintenance and Support

Less money should be spent on maintaining out-of-date legacy systems and improving your support system bottom line.

Process Improvements

You will be able to eliminate certain costs through automation. For instance, electronic billing can reduce paper invoices, mailing costs, etc.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate Sales Forecasts for building sales plan and to avoid unforeseen cash flow problems. Predict short-term and long-term business performance.