End-to-end ERP Solution for Every Industry

Techlene Rexo ERP is an end-to-end ERP software built with industry expertise gained from serving manufacturing industries. Techlene assist you by understanding the ERP needs to the organization in the initialization process, develops and molds the software as per user requirements, implements the software with the existing working system with proper services and supports. Rexo ERP system comprises solutions for Manufacturing, Trading, Education, Healthcare and Construction sectors which is affordable, easy to customize & implement and backed by reliable post-implementation support. It meets the unique requirements from manufacturing industries and supports enhancement to the system with hassle free work. Our End-to-end solution greatly reduces hassle, costs, resources and time.

For every organization, selecting the right ERP system software is an important decision that takes time and research. Initialization and implementation of the erp software are the two most important phases on which all future organization outputs depends. At Techlene, during the erp initialization phase, our team first meets and understands the requirements and working process of every department in the process manufacturing industry. After that we customize the existing solutions with user specific requirements. Than the final solutions is presented to the individual departments and after convincing them we start deploying the software.

Techlene ERP Solutions and Packages

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and its predecessors like MRP, etc. have always aided to the enterprise in managing their resources more effectively. ERP Systems help companies to effectively manage their entire processes starting from Procurement to Manufacturing of finished products to final delivery of goods to the market. It covers everything required to run a business irrespective of the size of a company. ERP Systems have become the backbone of every successful enterprise.

Customer experience decisions

Customer analytics in retail can also help you improve customer experience and loyalty by knowing precisely which buyers are buying which products - and personalizing your marketing based on shopper data. Delivering a good shopping experience improves customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, customer loyalty, customer referrals, revenues and customer engagement.

Strategic decisions

Using a retail dashboard gives you a high-level snapshot overview of your most important competitive performance metrics, including pricing, promotion, and catalogue movements. To gain a comprehensive view of business results, including consumer trends and growth strategies, your company needs to unify and integrate all its data. Consolidating your data can help you make better business decisions faster by using a single, trusted source of information about your products and customers.

Operational decisions

Operational decisions is Gaining visibility into promotional performance can help you adapt your marketing, forecasting and replenishment tactics, and identify seasonal trends, popular items and opportunities to cross-sell to maximize revenue. To improve operational performance across all channels, retail data analytics can help retailers and suppliers monitor store-level demand in real time to ensure best-selling items remain in stock.